PLaTO Reality

What We Do


VR Storytelling

Story is at the heart of all of PLaTO Reality's projects. Using Virtual Reality, traditional stories are transformed into immersive, unforgettable experiences.

PLaTO creates custom, premium VR content for activations, social media, YouTube, Vimeo and synched, multi-user cinema experiences.

Continually at the forefront of ever-evolving technology, PLaTO will bring your ideas to life, and then take them beyond. 

PLaTO can create Virtual Reality experiences for:

·      Oculus Rift
·      Samsung Gear VR
·      HTC Vive
·      Google Daydream

360 video

Walk on the moon, across the desert, down the cobblestoned alleys of Northern Italy. 

Create immersive photos and video, which transport your audience into another world.

It has been proven that people are emotionally affected in Virtual Reality as they are in real life. Empathy, hope, an adrenalin rush. 

Virtual Reality has been adopted successfully by charities, companies and government institutions alike, to allow people to walk a mile in someone else's shoes and to have experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Where will you go when you can go anywhere?

Interactive experiences

Virtual Reality is freedom to move, feel and explore.

Extend your brand beyond traditional media and engage with your audience on a deeper level.

In Virtual Reality, your audience can walk through a custom space, interact with their surroundings and have all of their senses stimulated. 

VR production

A full service company, PLaTO can take your seed of an idea, coordinate all of your pre-production, manage your shoot and then stitch and edit your material together in post production.

PLaTo’s extensive post-production capabilities mean that there is no job too complex or idea toooutlandish. With VFX, CG, colour grading and spatial audio, content is brought to a new level. Nothing is impossible.

There's no need to liaise with multiple agencies resulting in endless back-and-forth. PLaTO is streamlined, efficient and can do it all.